About Us

“LP Hoteles®” is a Bolivian hotel chain with a presence in the cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The name "LP Hoteles®" is composed of acronyms Luis Pomarino, who founded the first hotel chain in 1999, “LP COLUMBUS®” hotel in the city of La Paz. On August 7, 2009, the anniversary of “LP Hoteles®”, opens the 2nd hotel chain, this time in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, “LP Santa Cruz®” hotel. “LP Equipetrol®” hotel opens its doors on October 21, 2015 being the 3rd hotel chain.
Among future projects the “LP Cochabamba®” hotel is included.br /><br“LP Hoteles®” belongs to the three stars category, although the Bolivian governors categorized it according to the Bolivian norms as 4 stars. This is because the chain management preferred to adapt to global standards, rather than national.

“LP Hoteles®” chain is characterized by its strategic locations in the main cities of Bolivia, so by the minimalistic architectural style and because it’s "Pet Friendly".

The philosophy of the “LP Hoteles®” chain, responds to new challenges in the tourism industry and applies to the concept of sustainable tourism, it has a policy of social, environmental and economic responsibility. Within these objectives “LP Hoteles®” , focuses on helping orphaned children through regular donations to Father Alfredo1 Home Foundation in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Arco Iris2 Hospitals in La Paz.

It also counts with a Green Policy®3; consisting in saving energy, water, recycling and reuse. The economic pillar of sustainable tourism supports the chain through the use of exclusively regional4 products.

As curiosities we may mentioned that. In 2001, “LP Hoteles®” pioneered in the Bolivian hotel industry, as it was the first hotel in Bolivia in having a website and online reservation systems. In 2012 the chain was also the first to have the web-Mobile (website compatibility with all mobile operating systems).
<br In 2013, one of the hotels in the chain, the “LP Columbus®” hotel, was awarded the 2013 Travelers Choice Award in the category of the 25th most popular hotels because of its Services in Bolivian5, awarded by TripAdvisor. In 2016 the “LP Equipetrol®” hotel won the Maya Award for Best New Infrastructure6.